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Bunker Fuel Sampling Kits

Comprehensive Bunker Fuel Sampling Kit for Shipping and Marine Industry

Bunker Fuel Sampling Kits

Collection of the sample, the adequate quantity for testing, and making sure there is no contamination during transit is an essential step to a successful testing and analysis program. Our testing kits are designed to keep our client's needs in mind as well as comply with national and international standards.

Atlas Lab fulfills the criteria to both Ship Owners / Managers as an international testing service provider. The Atlas Lab Bunker Fuel Quality Testing Program helps ship operators with sampling procedures in compliance with MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI — Regulation 18.

Bunker Fuel Sampling Kits consists of :

  • 36 Bottles 650ml with Plug and Cap
  • 36 Security Seals
  • 9 Cubitainers
  • 36 Bottle Labels
  • 9 Small Carton Boxes
  • 9 Plastic covers with Seals
  • 1 Booklet containing:
    • - 9 Sets of Fuel Information Form
    • - 9 Sets of Commercial Invoice
    • - 9 Sets of Witness to Sampling Form
    • - 9 Sets of MSDS

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