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Our Accreditations

Highest Standards of Quality and Reliability

Our Accreditations

As the world looks more and more towards regulation and assurance, accreditation is key to meeting national and international standards. Atlas Lab has consistently maintained the highest standards of quality and compliance since the inception of the Company. Atlas Lab's Laboratories are accredited to ISO 17025 : 2017, The highest standard in lab certification. Atlas lab utilizes internationally accepted test methods and standards like IS, ISO, and ASTM to define its methods and applications.

At Atlas Lab, we are constantly adapting and evolving to bring to our clients the highest standards of testing and analysis, To provide them an upper hand in a highly competitive market.

    ISO 17025 : 2017 Accreditation

    ISO has been recognized as the highest standard for laboratories globally. At Atlas Lab, we believe in Competency and Accuracy. Compliance with the Quality Management System by our quality management professionals ensures our lab's technical proficiency which ensures precise test results.

    Our lab's ISO 17025 Quality Management System is assessed by a third-party accreditation body (NABL) to ensure the lab complies with the standards and methods required for accreditation.

Atlas Lab Maintains the highest standards with regards to regulation and accreditation such as:

  • Testing of submitted samples using nationally and internationally accredited methods
  • Technical proficiency of all personnel to ensure accordance with policy and quality standards
  • To be periodically audited by the third party Quality Management system to constantly upgrade its Quality and Standards
  • Maintain high standards in the entire pipeline, from the collection and transportation of samples, to the quality of the premises of the lab, and precise and exact test results and data

Atlas Lab is approved and accredited by :

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