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About Us

Putting the customer first through constant innovation and reliable solutions

About us

Atlas Lab is an industry-leading Testing, Inspection, and Certification Company duly accredited by NABL and Certified by ISO 17025. We are a team of dynamic, passionate professionals with strong technical expertise in the realm of Fuel Oils, Lubricating Oils, and Petroleum products serving industries of all sizes on a global scale. Our State of the art laboratory with 40+ years of cumulative technical experience undertakes all chemical and physical analysis as per ASTM, ISO, IP, Indian Standards, British Standards, European Standards and American Standards, we also work closely with the client's requirements/specifications and calibrate our services to meet their needs.

Our mission is to consistently set the standard with regards to testing and analysis, through constant innovation and technical expertise. Atlas Lab is committed to putting the customer first by providing new-age solutions through precise, cost-effective and rapid services.







Our Values


At Atlas Lab, We believe in putting the customer first by providing end to end services that are exact, cost-effective and rapid. We are constantly evolving and polishing our services based on feedback received from clients and keeping up to date with national and international standards serving industries of all sizes on a global scale.

The Atlas Advantage, Why choose us

  • Proficient, cost effective and rapid services. We provide end to end services from pick up to the sample to reporting and analytics in a rapid turn around time at a very cost effective price, bringing great value to our clients
  • Strong customer support. We are committed to providing our services with integrity and correctness. We guide our clients through the entire process and also calibrate our services to fit our clients needs.
  • Trusted solutions provider. We pride ourselves not only as a service providing lab but also problem solving lab. We analyse the problem, develop an informed prognosis and draw expert conclusions which brings great value to our clients
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