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Bilge Water Testing

Ensuring safety of the ship and its crew and environmental compliance

Bilge Water Testing

Wastewater that collects and stagnates in the bilge of the ship is referred to as Bilge Water also known as engine room generated waste water. This water is generated as a result of various activities that are required to keep a ship running. Bilge Water is collected in the bilge tank, located in the engine room. Bilge water is not only a mix of oil and water, but can consist of engine oils,hydraulic oils, water leakage such as sewage water, grey water, scrubber water etc, soot, dust, other various chemicals etc. It also contains fluids from machinery spaces, internal drainage systems, sludge tanks etc. It has a characteristic foul smell owing to its components.

In order to comply with MARPOL’s Annex I, the oil content in the Oily Water Separator Effluent must be tested. This can be accomplished using any one of the two methods namely Solvent Extraction and Gas Chromatography Method or the EPA method. Bilge Water Testing is extremely essential for businesses in the marine and offshore industry to achieve environmental compliance and to save ship owners from million dollar fines and imprisonment associated with bilge water spills. Atlas Lab provides a comprehensive state-of-the-art Bilge Water Testing and analysis facility. With over 40 years of cumulative experience to provide exact results for your Bilge water related issues. Atlas lab offers a complete solution for Bilge water with quick and precise test results at a cost-effective price to clients on a global scale.

What are the
benefits of
Bilge Water

  • To ensure the health and safety of the ship and crew
  • To confirm if the bilge water to be released is within the acceptable safety limits
  • To determine if the bilge water meets the various national and international standards
  • To satisfy compliance with MARPOL Annex I
Bilge Water Testing

The Different Standards
for Bilge Water as tested by
Atlas Lab :

  • Water Quality–Determination of Hydrocarbon Oil Index–Part 2: Method Using Solvent Extraction and Gas Chromatography - ISO 9377-2:2000
  • Part 4 of MEPC60 (33)
    - EPA Method 1664

What is the process of collection of Bilge Water for Testing?

  • You can directly send your Bilge Water to us or ask for our Bilge Water sampling kits
  • Collect the samples
  • Courier the samples
  • On receiving the samples in our laboratory, we will commence testing
  • Results will be provided in 72 to 96 hours
  • Technical advice will be provided on testing the samples and assessment of test report

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